A Month Later

1 Dec 2010 by admin, Comments Off

I’m going into final exams here in Kingston so there haven’t been a lot of updates.

X Innovate came and went – a spectacular conference. TweetDonate didn’t win, but I was a finalist and have a plaque to prove it. I modified TweetDonate to process requests for documentation help and won an award at the hackathon at the conference. Met some great people and had a blast.

Had some interesting discussions about selling TweetDonate but no buyers have yet appeared. In the meantime, some people have started using the service and it’s been running smoothly for a few months now. Earlier tonight Twitter made a change to how they assign IDs to tweets which caused a temporary problem. That seems to be fixed now, although it did break my uptime record of about three months (even if only for 20 minutes).

Looking forward to more people using it. I was notified of the Twitter ID bug by @AmandyAnderson who is running what looks like a great twitter-a-thon here: http://www.wildgoosecreative.com/Wild_Goose_Creative___Home.html

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